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Your Hotel Spa Restaurant
& Retreat Venue in Voglans

Hotel Miura in Voglans transcends its 4-star hotel status. It's more than merely a hotel, spa, restaurant, and lounge bar with 61 rooms and suites. It's not simply a verdant park featuring an outdoor swimming pool, a fitness room, and a summer bar. It exceeds being just the backdrop for unforgettable seminars, extraordinary stays, and legendary evenings. Hotel Miura is, fundamentally, a social hub. At its core, it's where a half-century-old establishment's storied past intersects with the unfolding narrative its new owners are set to pen alongside you. It's the harmonious juxtaposition of a pristine lake and surrounding mountains that have greatly inspired them. And, crucially, it's a meeting point for individuals from diverse backgrounds to revel in life's joys to the fullest—be they visiting professionals, local inhabitants, or holidaymakers from across the globe.

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Welcome to Hotel Miura
more than 50 years of history

From the Cervolan
to this iconic hotel

The Hotel Le Cervolan in Voglans represents the creative vision of Chanéac, encapsulated in an unusual avian-inspired structure that has achieved iconic status. It's also the tale of the indefatigable Dario, or Ariodante "Michel" Cirelli, and his spouse Zélie, who elevated it into one of the most distinguished hotels in the Chambéry and Aix-les-Bains region during the 1970s. This narrative has been rejuvenated by Mhost, the establishment's new proprietor, who flung its doors open again in 2023 after a two-year transformation, rebranding it as Hotel Miura. Shall we take a jaunt down memory lane?

Our History
Our Rooms

Stuff of dreams...

Experience a dreamlike night—or extend it as you wish—at Hotel Miura, conveniently situated just a short distance from Lac du Bourget, between Chambéry and Aix-les-Bains. Refurbished or freshly built in 2023, the 61 rooms and suites in our premium establishment offer comfortable living, ample space, and high-grade amenities. Categorised into eight types to cater to your every whim and requirement, the majority of these rooms and suites provide vistas of the hotel's grounds and its superb facilities from multiple perspectives. Reflecting the natural environment that surrounds Hotel Miura—nestled between lake and mountains—the rooms harmonise contemporary, even cutting-edge design with art deco elements sourced from local artisans, subtle tributes to the sweet '70s, and top-tier materials.

Our Rooms


Spa Miura

Double the Wellness,
Double the Bliss

Hotel Miura in Voglans is also your go-to destination for a wellness sojourn: welcome to Spa Miura.
This spa encompasses two seamlessly connected areas, both physically and in purpose, spanning the hotel's 250-square-metre extension through to its lush grounds. The first area invites you to a realm of relaxation, featuring a heated indoor pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, and solariums—all enveloped in the unique ambiance of a bona fide sanctuary of well-being. The second area opens the doors to its massage cabins, offering 'house secret' body and facial treatments, courtesy of mountain spa specialist Pure Altitude.

Come summer, Spa Miura also unveils a terrace and outdoor pool, thoughtfully integrated into the picturesque natural setting that the hotel has carefully preserved and enhanced over the years.

SPA Miura


For Dining

Restaurants and Lounge Bars to Savour

Whether it's breakfast, brunch, an aperitif, lunch, dinner, an afternoon nibble or a late-night treat, Hotel Miura in Voglans provides a plethora of choices. Fancy antipasti e aperitivi paired with a bottle of Piedmont wine at Nicolo e Marina? Or perhaps a selection of local cured meats and cheeses to graze on at the Dario Lounge Bar? Are you enamoured with our Italian trattoria for its scrumptious linguine alle Vongole? We understand entirely… However, don't depart without sampling the delectable seasonal fare and the renowned Lavaret du Lac du Bourget, expertly crafted for you by the chef at Restaurant Zélie.

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picto oeil Tip of the hat

“It's the tale of a hotel and a man.”

On the 26th of November, 2021, the venerable Le Cervolan hotel in Voglans permanently shut its doors. Earlier the same year, the establishment had already been bereft of its guiding star—Dario, the steward of the property for nearly half a century.A year and a half later, following comprehensive renovations, Hotel Miura has emerged in its stead, albeit transformed. Post-renovation, the hotel has experienced a remarkable transformation. This well-regarded establishment situated between Chambéry and Aix-les-Bains has breathed new life into itself, complete with an extension to one of its iconic wings. Serving as a poignant symbol, a gallery now connects the revamped original building to its new wing, acting as a metaphorical bridge between the cherished past of the hotel, important to the new owners, and its current state, which is already oriented towards the future. In a most symbolic gesture, upon its grand reopening in 2023, the Miura Hotel proudly brandishes an extra star, thus attaining a four-star status. Hats off to Dario!


Miura: The Quintessential
Gathering Place

Though it bears a new name, make no mistake—Hotel Miura truly harks back to its roots. A nod to the hotel's original calling: to serve as a social hub.

Our 4-star establishment, conveniently located near Le Bourget du Lac, Aix-les-Bains, and Chambéry, is replete with activities and perfect spaces for socialising. Be it a business meal at Restaurant Zélie, a round of billiards accompanied by a fine ale at the Dario Lounge Bar, or a tranquil moment at Miura Spa. Within a premium room that magnifies the joy of a stay—whether it's for two, with family or friends, or perhaps following a workout in our gym before heading to Nicolo e Marina. For a Sunday brunch succeeded by a leisurely saunter in the park, taking a pause on the comfy garden furniture. Enjoy handcrafted cocktails at the summer bar, or partake in a pool house soiree around the hotel's open-air swimming pool—there are myriad reasons to pencil in a visit to Hotel Miura.

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