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A versatile setting, Hotel Miura near Chambéry, Aix-les-Bains, and Le Bourget-du-Lac easily converts into a dedicated reception space for all your seminars and business gatherings. Our committed team stands at the ready to hear your needs, sketch the blueprint of your seminar and organise it according to your specific requirements and wishes. Re-engage, invigorate, and reward your staff by inviting them to enjoy a sociable moment at our 4-stars hotel, merely a short distance from Lac du Bourget.

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Hotel Miura séminaire
The Location


Move an essential meeting, forge stronger bonds among colleagues, commemorate a significant work milestone or simply escape the everyday with your teams—there are myriad reasons to hold a corporate seminar. They are all ready for your taking at Hotel Miura in Voglans. For an extraordinary seminar, our 4-stars hotel near Chambéry, Aix-les-Bains, and Lake Bourget provides a range of private spaces for your convenience. Seize the opportunity to explore the multitude of delights this tranquil sanctuary has to offer, in the company of your attendees.

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Seminar Rooms


Hotel Miura in Voglans provides a selection of versatile private rooms, each featuring a range of spaces, premium comfort, and high-quality equipment, designed to accommodate up to 70 participants for your business seminar. To enhance your experience, each private and seminar room has undergone specialised treatment for optimal sound quality. Constructed or renovated in 2023, our seminar rooms, private rooms, and private lounge each present a setting with unique characteristics, décor, and configurations to meet the diverse requirements of any seminar.

Explore Our Seminar Rooms

First Floor Seminar Rooms
Eléonore Meeting Room Capacity for up to 10 attendees | 24 m2 | Coffee Corner | Videoconferencing Screen
Zélie Meeting Room (1+2) Capacity for up to 20 attendees | 36 m2 | Smart TV | Coffee corner
Cervolan Meeting Room Capacity for up to 10 attendees | 18 m2 | Smart TV
Riva Meeting Room Capacity for up to 10 attendees | 18 m2 | Smart TV
Second Floor Seminar Rooms
Michel Cirelli Seminar Room Capacity for up to 40 attendees | 75 m2 | Smart TV | Living room & coffee corner
Mont-Blanc + Miura Seminar Room RoomCapacity for up to 70 attendees | 88 m2 | Smart TV x 2 | Balcony with park view
Mont-Blanc Seminar Room Capacity for up to 30 attendees. | 43 m2 | Smart TV | Balcony with park view
Miura Seminar Room Capacity for up to 30 attendees . | 44 m2 | Smart TV | Balcony with park view
Third Floor Seminar Rooms
Jean-Louis Chanéac Seminar Room Capacity for up to 30 attendees | 52 m2 | Smart TV
F40 Private Lounge Capacity for up to 10 attendees | 44 m2 | Videoconferencing screen | Balcony with park view | Lounge & minibar | Kitchen area
Hotel Miura


Whether it's a conference, cocktail party, incentive event, team-building exercise, company anniversary, general meeting, or business meal, you've found the perfect venue at Hotel Miura. Our dedicated team provides comprehensive services—from catering and accommodation to activities—tailored to your needs. We'll be by your side throughout your event, from initial planning to execution, to ensure your seminar goes off without a hitch.

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Why not take your teams for a breath of fresh air in the pristine environment of the Alps, situated between lake and mountains? If you're considering hosting a seminar near Chambéry, Aix-les-Bains, or Lac du Bourget, Hotel Miura offers exactly that. As a premium venue for business seminars, our hotel in Voglans provides companies with well-equipped seminar rooms and a dedicated team. Known for our attentive service, commitment to meeting your expectations, and excellence in hospitality, HotelMiura serves as the ideal location for your corporate seminar near Lac du Bourget. From corporate lunches and business dinners to conferences, cocktail parties, incentives, and team-building events, you can select the type of occasion you wish to host and leave the planning to our professional team. Let the team at Hotel Miura collaborate with you to ensure your seminar or business event is both successful and a total change of scene.

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It's possible ! It is even highly recommended if you want to make an impression on your teams and/or your customers. Is it time to reward the work done by your employees? to celebrate big news for your company? to involve your employees in a major new project? What better way to do this than to invite them for a seminar at the Miura hotel, located between Aix-les-Bains, Chambéry and Le Bourget-du-Lac? Here, in this historic reception venue used to hosting seminars and events of all kinds, the tradition is perpetuated by the new 4-star Miura hotel. High-end hotel, reception room, seminar space, land of pleasure and escape... This hybrid place brings together all the elements for a total change of scenery

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hôtel miura rte de l'aéroport,
73420 Voglans T. 04 56 190 600
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