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Wellness Area at Spa Miura
Pure Well-being

Rest, exercise, recharge, unwind... At Hotel Miura, self-care is a way of life, observed around the clock, during every activity, and during every respite—most notably upon entering the wellness area of Spa Miura in Voglans, modelled after the mountain spas by Pure Altitude. Fitted with a jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, and a heated indoor swimming pool, our wellness centre serves as a sanctuary of tranquillity where you can treat your body to a rejuvenating experience whenever the mood strikes.

Gentle Immersion

Jacuzzi and
heated indoor pool

From the get-go, the wellness area at Hotel Miura sets the stage for relaxation. Robe draped over your shoulders and slippers adorning your feet, your gaze falls upon the effervescent 28m² pool. In moments, you'll be submerging your entire body in water heated to a cosy 32°C. Tastefully arranged around the pool, and facing the bay windows that offer a view onto the bustling Hotel Miura grounds, an alcove invites you to settle onto a comfy bench. Place your belongings here before sinking into the pool's inviting waters. After a few laps, your focus shifts to the neighbouring attraction: the Jacuzzi. Scarce moments after emerging from the pool, your body succumbs to the Jacuzzi's swirling waters, where massage jets offer profound relief. After a short spell in this luxurious water bath, you're primed for a well-earned rest on your futon, perhaps following a quick stop in the herbal tea room. The epitome of relaxation...

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The Joys of Perspiration

Sauna, steam room,
& natural solarium

The Spa Miura wellness area leaves you spoilt for choice! Eagerly we shed our worries under the sun, whether reclining on the spa terrace or in one of its two natural solariums. Without a second thought, you can expel toxins during a sauna session. Finally, you can liberate your body from stress and unease, taking deep breaths of calming steam infused with the scent of eucalyptus essential oils in the steam room... Indeed, we invest quite a bit, yet the returns are immense. The benefits of the steam room, sauna, and natural solarium extend to the skin, body, and mind. And it's with utter abandon that we exchange our aches and strains for the benefits of vitamin D following a visit to the solarium, swap our everyday woes for the tranquillity of a stop in the humid atmosphere of the steam room, or trade our imperfections for the rejuvenating dry heat of the sauna.

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Cosy Ambiance

Wood, Stone,
& Natural Light

In a bid to enhance the overall sense of well-being, the proprietors of Miura Hotel & Spa have been meticulous in curating an environment conducive to relaxation and sensory delight. First off, they've selected the essential amenities one looks forward to encountering at favourite wellness retreats. Sauna, heated indoor pool, steam room, Jacuzzi, herbal tea rooms—you'll find them all here.

Secondly, they've instilled the site with a unique ambiance. Hovering above the pool, a backlit acoustic liner with a mirror effect diffuses subtle lighting. Soft, natural light spills in, harmonising with tranquil melodies and plant fragrances to round out the inviting, cosy atmosphere.

Finally, they've added a distinctive flourish to the wellness area with a decor whose warmth stems from its anthracite tones and exclusive furnishings and materials. Solid wood cladding, stone slabs, grass gardens, golden marble side tables, spacious alcoves furnished with futon seating, and designer chaise longues adorned with leather cushions—all premium fixtures that leave you entirely convinced you're in the ideal place to replenish your sense of well-being.

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That Little Extra

A sauna unlike any other

At Hotel Miura, the sauna within the wellness area is as singular as it is stylish. The interior walls, benches, and stove are graced with anthracite tartan, lending it an unorthodox, refined aesthetic whilst enhancing your seating comfort.

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