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50 years of history

From 1971 to 2023: Charting the Journey of an Iconic Establishment From a spring day in 1971, when Jean-Louis Rey Chanéac envisioned the hotel as a bird unfurling its wings, to spring 2023, when that bold concept—conceived half a century prior—was revitalised through a comprehensive renovation, the hotel's history has been remarkable. Empathy, audacity, sharing, and pleasure: these four values have been ingrained in the hotel's fabric and have transcended the decades. And they promise to shape the years ahead.

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Jean-Louis Chanéac Draws the Cervolan

The vision took shape in 1971

when Ariodante "Michel" Cirelli stumbled upon the architectural plans of Jean-Louis Rey Chanéac. A pivotal figure in futuristic architecture, Chanéac left an indelible impact on both the 1970s and the 1990s. Indeed, he ranks amongst the most gifted and esteemed architects of his generation.

Through his singular approach, he possessed the knack for surprising yet remaining in harmony with his environment—the local landscape and Lac du Bourget.

Work Commences

In 1972, Ariodante Cirelli secured a plot of land in the Voglans commune, and construction got underway. The design encapsulated the liberating styles of the 1970s, incorporating innovative urban and architectural approaches.

Two core concepts would serve as the thematic backbone:
Firstly, the motif of the fortified house, which creates an ecosystem with its back to the road and a central park.
Secondly, the architectural form, when viewed from above, was imagined to resemble a bird stretching its wings for takeoff.


The Cerf-Volant was inaugurated, welcoming its first guests and swiftly becoming a hub for both local and regional clientele. The hotel became a meeting point for local and regional customers. Business travellers and lake enthusiasts soon helped establish a robust reputation for the venue, which stayed open for a number of years.

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The Best Western Chapter

Ariodante Cirelli, also known as Michel or Dario, made the decision to sell the business. A consortium of around thirty investors came together to acquire the property and operated it under the Best Western brand for four years.

2000 A Changing Concept

The new millennium witnessed a series of different operators who successively altered the establishment's concept, converting it into a hotel residence and partitioning off the restaurant operations.In 2004, the Dz restaurant swung open its doors, offering a lively ambiance and a plethora of events. However, after only a few years in business, a lack of investment and waning interest in hotel residences led to the end of this commercial cycle.

Turning a New Page

Two members from the Cervolan team joined forces to revive the establishment, reunifying the hotel and restaurant. After a decade operating as a 3-star hotel, a significant change was on the horizon with Xavier Lain's arrival—eager to recapture the very essence of the building and the relaxed atmosphere of the 1970s. Jean-Louis Rey Chanéac's original vision was set to be reborn, 50 years later.

flèche vers le bas
separateur trais vertical avec un rond bleu en haut

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