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From equinox to solstice:
A menu for every season

Throughout the year, the allure of culinary delights is unmistakable. Like an echo, it descends from the mountains and resonates deep within Lake Bourget, then bounces back to its shores, carried by the lake's vast expanse. Each season infuses these harmonious notes with unique vibrations, delightful chords that suddenly awaken your cravings. You'll find yourself drawn to Zélie's restaurant in Voglans, setting sail on a gastronomic journey that weaves between the pleasures of the season and the flavours of our stunning region.

a table
a table
restaurant le zélie
Culinary delights

Sail through
the seasons

Hold tight—Zélie's restaurant in Voglans is set to take you on a culinary journey without ever leaving solid ground. Docked at the Miura Hotel, situated between Chambéry and Aix-les-Bains and just a short distance from Lake Bourget, our restaurant offers a menu that changes with the seasons, featuring the day's catch from the lake, local Savoyard produce, and ingredients from our trusted partners, farmers, and market gardeners. From lake to mountains to your plate, the chef at Restaurant Zélie near Lake Bourget in Voglans has an entire adventure planned for you, weaving between gourmet excursions and culinary voyages as you explore his reimagined French brasserie dishes. The menu is not only gourmet but also balanced, offering a broad range of healthy options à la carte for those looking to round off the day on a positive note or extend their wellness journey at the hotel's Spa Miura.

When it comes to beverages, our wine list, like the restaurant's glass-encased wine cellar, showcases the richness and depth of vintages meticulously selected by our Head Sommelier.

Chaque semaine, un menu du marché

Découvrez notre menu du marché avec une sélection de plats créatifs et savoureux concoctés par notre chef. Que vous soyez amateur de viande et de poisson, notre menu propose plusieurs options pour vous satisfaire.

Entrée + plat + dessert = 28 €
Entrée + plat ou Plat + dessert = 23 €

Brunch zélie
Brunch (from October 2023)

Brunch aboard
the Beauquis boat

On Sundays at brunch time and each morning for breakfast, our iconic Beauquis boat is filled to the brim with delectable treats, relying on Zélie Restaurant's patrons to partake. From homemade pastries and seasonal fresh fruit juices to local cheeses and charcuteries, a brunch worthy of our emblematic "Rolls of the Lake" will delight your palate with all the delicious seasonal products sourced by the restaurant team from local producers, farmers, and artisans.

Zélie brunch hotel miura
Brunch zélie

découvrez notre formule brunch & spa


Vivez une expérience unique alliant gourmandise et bien-être dans le cadre idyllique de l'hôtel Miura.
Un brunch gourmet, entre douceurs sucrées, délices salés et produits frais de saison. Prolongez l'expérience avec 25 minutes de massage Pure Altitude, suivi de 2 heures d'accès à notre espace bien-être. Relaxez-vous dans un écrin de sérénité, avec peignoir, chaussons et serviettes à votre disposition.
La formule Brunch & Spa est au tarif de 115 € par personne. 
Les places sont limitées et cette formule est disponible uniquement sur réservation. 
Zélie hotel miura
Unique Ambiance

Experience lakeside dining, from atmosphere to plate.

Prepare to accelerate from 0 to 54 knots swiftly. Just a few hundred meters from the south shore of Lake Bourget, Zélie Restaurant in Voglans welcomes you to its dining space, inspired by the workshop of marine carpenter Cyril Puccia. The restaurant team has carefully curated various decorative items that are as emblematic as they are authentic. Inside, you'll find spruce planks, oars, mooring ropes, and cabinets adorned with naval blueprints that immerse you in a maritime and lakeside atmosphere. Meanwhile, the use of Larch and Mahogany wood, Zimbabwean black granite, and a 360-degree panoramic view of the lush park will ground you back to reality in this unique setting.

Summer: Dine 'Al Fresco’ Zélie's spacious shaded terrace accommodates up to 120 guests, providing an idyllic spot for meals or drinks.



I'm hungry!
restaurant le zélie
Dario Lounge bar

Meets Indulgence

In addition to welcoming guests for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner, the Miura Hotel, located between Chambéry and Aix-les-Bains, also invites you to its Dario lounge-bar for afternoon tea, aperitifs, and refreshments at any time of the day.

Just a short walk from Zélie Restaurant in Voglans, the Dario lounge-bar team creates and serves homemade aperitifs and cocktails, accompanied by sharing boards and bite-sized delights, all within an elegantly cozy setting. Whether you're looking to whet your appetite with a drink before sitting down for a meal or seeking a quick gourmet lunch before heading out, the comfortable armchairs and banquettes of the Dario lounge-bar in Voglans await you in a cosy atmosphere.

Explore the Dario lounge bar
restaurant le zélie
restaurant le zélie
Zélie hotel miura
Private rooms

Private rooms
for intimate dining

Blending styles and eras, Zélie restaurant's 320-plus square metres offer a wide range of dining spaces—some cosier, some more intimate. In addition to a lounge bar, a large shaded terrace, alcoves with banquettes, round tables, tables for two and individual booths, our restaurant also features two private rooms. Each is extended by a private terrace and can accommodate up to 10 people. Separated by a movable partition, these two private areas can merge to create a single private reception room that can host up to 20 people. Similarly versatile, the tables can join together to form a setting for 20 guests, providing an ideal configuration for celebrating a private event and enjoying an unforgettable dinner among friends or family. Whether it's a christening, birthday, private reception, or professional seminar, the two private rooms of Zélie restaurant, located near Chambéry, Aix-les-Bains, and Le Bourget du Lac, invite you to indulge in a privileged culinary experience.

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